I want good strong Absinthe. Where to buy absinthe in Kansas?

Absinthe, the green fairy or "la fée verte" a lady that has been loved but also much misunderstood over the years.

Banned throughout Europe and the United States with the help of what today is called lobbying.

Very unfortunate in my opinion because it's my absolute favorite spirit to sip on.


Many believe that Absinthe is a liqueur, but not so. In order to belong to the category liqueurs, it (or she?) should have added sugar to the alcohol and it is not. At least not in my Absinthe. But on the other hand, an Absinthe can be very strong in alcohol, 45-75%, to be sure that the oils are solved.

First, a look at la fée verte ingredients.

Green anise, with botanical herbs including from flowers and leaves of Wormwood (Artemisia absinthium), sweet fennel and other medicinal herbs, depending on the manufacturer.

But what you taste most is the bitter taste of Wormwood and liquorice from anise.

Absinthe kit

No, no, it's not just pouring out Absinthe  in a drinking glass and start to drink - a little French culture if I may ask!

O. K, you do not need to use a special Absinthe glass but an Absinthe spoon, you should have.

How to do?

Pour a few cl Absinthe into a glass, place the Absinthe spoon on top of the glass and a bit of sugar on the (special) Absinthe spoon.

Drop slowly, slowly cold water on the sugar cube until it is dissolved. Look when our green lady slowly becomes milk tinged cloudy.

The sugar is added to reduce the bitterness of the wormwood herb.


We had a party a week ago. One of the ladies pouring up Absinthe into a glass and then filled it with cold carbonated water.

I shouted inwardly but had to taste it - and it was delicious. No sugar, no spoon only carbonated water.

Pleasant strength and taste

(Almost) everyone who tasted my Absinthe thinks it has a great taste and my secret can be revealed here; I don't buy it in any shop in Kansas the ones I have found has a little thin taste and are meaningless.

Where to buy absinthe in Kansas?

No, I buy ordinary Vodka or sometimnes stronger vodka and mix it with a Prestige essence from the eshop allfreightfree dot com url: http://absinthekit.com/en/absinthe-kits-4/absinthe-55-strong-pro-5.html, and then I enjoy my Absinthe with sugar or nowadays with carbonated water.